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Taste of Gold 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

Event Timing

  • 4:30 pm Sponsor VIP welcome party
  • 5-6 pm Sponsor VIP exclusive access
  • 6-8 pm General Admission


  • Vendors and volunteers park in the lots to the right as you enter the campus (CDC & LMUC lots)
  • VIP Sponsors and ticket purchasers to park in the main LTCC lot


  • Two accessible port-a-potties in the parking lot at the opposite end of the event from the P.E. building
  • Additional accessible restrooms are located in the P.E. building locker rooms to the right when you enter the main doors


  • An event map is located at the registration table



  • Limit to one glass per person (More can be taken after the event if there are some leftovers)
  • Glasses to be used for water also (There will also be a sign for this at the water stations)


  • Encourage guests to use one plate for the evening, but there are extra if a second is needed

Non-alcoholic Beverages

  • Tahoe Blue Vodka and The Turn will be pouring mocktails! Also, the Hangar, South Lake Brewing, and William Gunn Wines will be pouring sparkling water

Silent Auction

  • Not happening this year!


  • $10 each
  • Payment by credit card, Apple Pay, or cash
  • Hangar tent, South Lake Brewing tent, Registration/Ticket purchasing tent and roaming sellers

Where does the money go?

Support for LTCC Foundation programs, including:

About the LTCC Foundation

The mission of the LTCC Foundation is to work for educational excellence by assisting and encouraging investment in the development and growth of educational opportunities at Lake Tahoe Community College.

The Board members of the Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation believe all students have the right to pursue higher education regardless of income and background. The Foundation supports students through programs like the Lake Tahoe College Promise, emergency book fund, and Student Success Grants so students can stay in school and focus on their studying to degree completion.

An investment in education at Lake Tahoe Community College is an investment in the future of Lake Tahoe. Your contribution will inspire students’ hope for tomorrow and foster optimism and direction for future generations.