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LTCC Promise Students

Help support the Lake Tahoe Promise

In conjunction with the celebration of Lake Tahoe Community College’s 50th anniversary, the Foundation is raising funds to ensure students can earn their associate’s degree debt-free for the next 50 years!

The Lake Tahoe College Promise establishes a clear pathway from local high schools to LTCC and a college degree by eliminating the cost of tuition for those not eligible for tuition waivers through the California College Promise Grant. Lake Tahoe College Promise also provides comprehensive services to underserved students and their families to ensure access, success, and timely college completion.

This Promise is for any Tahoe Basin resident, on either side of the border, living anywhere around the lake—whether they are 19 or 49, a first‐time college student from California or the Nevada Tahoe Basin, or are AB540 eligible. The Lake Tahoe College Promise not only eliminates the financial barriers of going to college but also improves graduation rates by encouraging students to complete 45 units in their first year of college, establishes student cohorts supplemented with peer mentoring and dedicated staff, and provides ongoing incentives for Promise students to encourage persistence.