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Your generous contributions to LTCC Foundation help support Promise Students as well as support student grants and opportunities that enhance students education journey. Our Promise Students share their stories and gratitude below:

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Promise Student Profile

Joebelle Santos

joebell santos

Joebelle Santos was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe and started as a Lake Tahoe College Promise Program student in fall 2020. She first learned of the program when Promise Navigators visited South Tahoe High School. The timing couldn’t have been better as the pandemic left Joebelle unsure of whether she could attend college and what she wanted to pursue, not to mention the financial impact on her family.

She saw the Lake Tahoe College Promise Program as a smart, safe and financially feasible way to begin her college education and find a career path that fit her interests. Joebelle says the greatest benefit of the program was the financial assistance. “I was able to sign up for many scholarships and thankfully, in return received those scholarships based on my academics, my financial needs and my overall performance as a student and as a community member,” says Joebelle.

Her parents immigrated from the Philippines and have always prioritized education while encouraging and supporting Joebelle on her journey. “College is scary, so I didn’t think I was going to go. As a first-generation student, LTCC was a chance for me to take that first step toward receiving a college degree for myself as well [as] for my parents,” Joebelle recalls.

With the aid of the Lake Tahoe College Promise Program, and having worked to pay for some expenses, she will graduate in June 2022 debt-free! Joebelle plans to transfer to the University of Oregon in the fall to earn her Bachelor’s in Business. She has an interest in Marketing and hopes to channel her creative abilities into a future career. Good luck Joebelle!