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The Lake Tahoe Community College Speaker Series aims to provide the local community with access to diverse and thought-provoking speakers who will share their knowledge and insights on a range of topics. The series will inspire and engage students, faculty, staff, and community members in conversations that broaden their understanding of the world and deepen their connection to their community.

Upcoming Speakers

Lecture with Dr. Rosenberg

Tuesday, July 30

Time:  6pm – 9pm
Where:  On campus at the Duke Theatre
Cost: Free

What is all the fuss about Las Meninas? Painted 368 years ago by the Spaniard Diego de Velázquez, this huge canvas (roughly 10 x 9 feet)—the signature piece of Madrid’s Prado Museum—continues to ask big questions, questions that are as relevant in the twenty-first century as they were in the seventeenth. What is beauty? What is art? How does power perpetuate itself and how is art involved in that perpetuation? What is nobility? How do humans represent the human experience, and what are the limits and the challenges of the act of representation? What is real and what is truth? We will explore these questions during our evening together.

Past Speakers

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Dr. Hayhoe’s talk was an ancillary event of Operation Sierra Storm Television Meteorologists’ Conference, organized by the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority.

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Watch an edited version of Katharine’s talk that she gave on January 23, 2024.


  • Author of the best-selling book, Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World.
  • Her research focuses on understanding the impacts of climate change on people and the planet – and what individuals can do to have an impact.
  • Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy and a Horn Distinguished Professor and Endowed Professor of Public Policy and Public Law at Texas Tech University.
  • The 27th Annual Operation Sierra Storm brought 30+ television meteorologists and science leaders together for discussion on important climate topics. Also, to reinforce the Visit Lake Tahoe brand as one of the country’s leading winter destinations, with an emphasis on its stewardship and sustainability direction via broadcasts and social media content.