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basic needs volunteers
Equity Program and Basic Needs Center Staff.

Only $250 needed in donations to reach the $1,000 goal! Help students today!

Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they are struggling to meet their basic needs due to unforeseen circumstances such as a health issue, loss of employment, rent increase, or other “life” interruptions.

LTCC’s Basic Needs Center helps eligible students experiencing food shortage, housing insecurity, health problems, and/or transportation challenges so they can focus on their studies and succeed. Learn about current students and how support provided is allowing them to stay in school.

You can help by donating perishable and non-perishable food items, hygiene supplies, and school supplies.  Show students how much you care – come out to support them!

If you cannot join us in person then please consider making a donation below and your donation will enable us to purchase the supplies that the students need.

The Pay it Forward Project will match the first $1,000 in donations!