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Annual Fund

Your donations to the Annual Fund support the current area of greatest need for students. The goal is to provide the support needed so students stay enrolled and earn their degree. Student needs include financial support for books, supplies and sometimes even food, rent and gas money. Or students may need help with school or life, including counseling, tutoring or mental health services. Current programs to help students include the Lake Tahoe College Promise program, Student Success Grants, and the emergency book fund.


President’s Circle

The President’s Circle annual membership supports programs that are most in need. Members give a minimum of $1,000 annually to support the Lake Tahoe College Promise, Student Success Grants, and textbook and campus program support.


Lake Tahoe College Promise

The foundation is raising funds to supplement available public dollars to support students who are attending Lake Tahoe Community College full time for the first time. This Promise is for all California residents, and for any Nevada resident of the Tahoe Basin living along the lake (certain zip codes apply). Nevada Dreamers, too! The goal is to provide tuition, fees, counseling, and book cost support so students successfully graduate within two years. The current group of 170 Promise students are 54% Hispanic/LatinX and 35% First Generation college students.


Student Success Grants

Student Success Grants help support LTCC academic departments, full-time and adjunct faculty, and staff whose projects enhance student learning.

These grants are intended to increase student access, retention, and successful course completion. Staff, faculty, and departments use the grants to purchase educational materials, help fund field trips or other events that budgets cannot accommodate, and otherwise support student learning.


Emergency Book Fund

Books and online access codes required for some classes can cost up to and beyond $200. This creates a hardship for many students. The emergency book fund is available to support students so they can get the books and materials required for course completion.