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Investing in LTCC students is an investment in Lake Tahoe's future

The LTCC Foundation works for educational excellence by assisting and encouraging investment in the development and growth of educational opportunities at Lake Tahoe Community College.

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we believe all students have the right to pursue higher education regarless of income and background

The Lake Tahoe Community College Foundation believes all students have the right to pursue higher education regardless of income and background. The Foundation supports students through programs like the Lake Tahoe College Promise, emergency book fund and Student Success Grants so students can stay in school and focus on their studying to degree completion.

An investment in education at Lake Tahoe Community College is an investment in the future of Lake Tahoe. Your contribution will inspire students’ hope for tomorrow and foster optimism and direction for future generations.

Lake Tahoe College Promise

First-time college students who attend Lake Tahoe Community College full-time pay NO tuition for up to 3 years.

The Foundation is supplementing available public dollars to support students who are attending Lake Tahoe Community College full-time for the first time. Whether you’re 18 or 68, if you are a first-time college student and a California resident or AB540 eligible, or a Nevada resident or Dreamer living in the Tahoe Basin, you may qualify! The goal is to provide tuition, fees, counseling and book cost support so students successfully graduate within two years.


Supporting Lake Tahoe Community College Students Through Scholarships

For many community college students, lack of money prevents them from continuing school and earning a degree. The scholarship contribution you make enables students to focus on their studies by removing the worry of how are they going to pay for their classes or textbooks. Your gift also provides encouragement: the knowledge that someone else cares enough to invest in them, and that often is the key to their success.

Student Success Grants

Supporting academic departments with funding to help advance student success.

Student Success Grants cater to LTCC departments, full-time and adjunct faculty, and staff whose projects enhance student learning. These grants are intended to support student access, retention, and successful course completion. Staff, faculty, and departments use the grants to purchase educational materials, help fund field trips or other events that budgets cannot accommodate, and otherwise support student learning.

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